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Explore and come Face to Face with “Walking Contradictions” in Tonight’s Fashion Show

May 20, 2011

Seattle Pacific University is hosting a fashion show tonight. The show, called Walking Contradictions, starts at 6pm. Presented by the SPU Fashion Group, the fashion show will take on contradictions found all around us such as dark vs light, old vs new, rich vs poor, and soft vs hard. While each designer interprets these designs through their own personal styles and means an overall theme focusing on the contradictions involving body image will course through the room as the models walk down the runway.

Supporting the National Eating Disorder Awareness group (NEDA), Walking Contradictions takes on a touchy and often unspoken subject in the fashion industry: bringing awareness to distorted body image and eating disorders. Their goal is to help inform more people about theses dangerous disorders so prevalent in the fashion world.

Designers for the evening are: Megan Knape, Jackie Arhens, Olivia Lenz, Katie Koncilya, Rebekah Koonce, Charlotte Pratt, Naomi Weima, Morgan Tien, Taryn Systma and Jennifer Lamb. A bio for each designer will be included at the beginning of the show.

What you need to know:

  1. Show is from 6pm-8pm Friday May 20th 2011.
  2. Admission is free to everyone!
  3. Refreshments will be available, cookies and lemonade and fruit.
  4. Campus parking is free and there is plenty of street parking.

How to get there:

The fashion show will take place on the SPU campus in the Upper Gwinn Commons Building located on SPU campus at 3310 6th Avenue West, Seattle, WA (please see map below for getting directions). An interactive map of the SPU campus can be found here if you prefer.

From the SPU page, here’s what the building looks like:

About SPU Fashion Group

The Seattle Pacific University Fashion Group is a group that allows for creativity and exploration in all the different fields of fashion. It is made of students at SPU who are interested in fashion, photography, styling, makeup and hair and modeling.

This year they had three photo shoots where all student created designs based on this year’s theme of contradictions. The SPU Fashion Group is involved in the community and usually do some community service, such as clothing drives. At the end of the year there is a fashion show related to that year’s theme to showcase everyone’s hard work over the past year.

NEDA: National Eating Disorder Awareness

For more information and additional eating disorder resources please visit NEDA’s information and resource page. Or call their hotline: 1-800-931-2237.

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