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Anna D at Seattle Fashion Week 2011: A beautiful collection with a less than perfect production.

May 24, 2011

The opening number (in this case runway show) of a production has to be prepared to be the buffer for glitches and mistakes that happen due to technical errors, models forgetting their choreography and other unfortunate mistakes. But normally you don’t have to worry about that on the second night of a production. Unfortunately for the Anna’s debut collection at Seattle Fashion Week, though her garments, hair and makeup were lovely, all did not “appear” to go as planned. At least not from where I was sitting. And sadly the complaints regarding her lighting and models afterwards were far from meek or few.

To be clear this is merely a description of one runway production that happened during the finale. It doesn’t reflect on the entire evening.

Anna D’s Runway Show & Collection:

For those of you who may not know, Anna D was the winner of the Comcast Student Designer Competition back in April. And rightfully so, her Comcast inspired red lined jacket with the high collar front pocket sweater  and floor length leaf dress with the cutout back were amazingly gorgeous pieces. You can see both pieces in my article (link above)– I actually expected to see the Comcast piece in the Finale show. It was so well constructed and it completed the mini-collection shown in the competition so perfectly that I had forgotten it wasn’t part of her collection. (I was kind of sad I didn’t see it.. oh well.) For winning the Comcast Competition Anna was given a spot to showcase her collection in the SFW Finale Fashion Show.

The following images are just a few of the photos from her collection that walked the runway at Seattle Fashion Week 2011. Some that I loved, some that I didn’t.

Anna’s construction and design technique is beautiful and well executed. She has an eye for what women want to be wearing and will want to be wearing. Even though this collection felt a little like two collections there was still a cohesion that tied most of the pieces together.

*Thanks to Jonathan Beck’s expertise and experience with low light photography it’s hard to see how off the lighting and models were in these photos.

What went wrong:

Coming away from the Men’s fashion show the night before with an almost positive feeling, I was really looking forward to seeing Anna’s complete collection. Imagine my disappointment, frustration and outrage.. yes OUTRAGE, that the lighting, choreography, inability of the models to stop in the spotlights and seating-style for a very packed house meant I couldn’t see the details or the majority of her collection. While I was completely dissatisfied with the technical production, Anna D’s clothing design collection did have some sparkling moments.

As the show began the music “hiccuped” and the lights started out extremely low–making me curse the fact that I hadn’t purchased vip to see her collection up close (but, by the end of the evening I got over that-more on that next time). The lights did not begin to correct themselves until about the 3rd model came out and even then it was hard to see from where I was. It looked like the models had forgotten their cues. They didn’t stop, walk or pose in the right locations or angles. When you have such a strange or rather, “unique” runway that involves stairs into the GA audience, two runways and multiple points for pausing there’s a lot of choreography that is involved–and it needs to be remembered.

So here I am, long after the show has past, still dreaming about what it would have been like if the light technician would have been on cue; If the models would have had a piece of tape to stand on; If there would have been more rehearsals and if the guy’s head in front of me would have been smaller.

I was so excited to see Anna D’s show, and so disappointing to be sitting there watching and yet feeling like I was missing the whole thing. Even now my heart drops a bit thinking back on it.

Bad lighting??? How Bad?

Below are a couple links to photos of Anna’s runway show taken by other photographers: I want you to see how the poor lighting affected the photographs others who maybe aren’t as knowledgeable in low light settings; BUT I’m not saying these are bad photographers. Some of these are well known news/fashion outlets with lots of experience: that’s how bad the lighting was…(I’ll just limit it to 3)

3 examples of the what bad lighting can do to the details at a fashion show:

Seattle PI Seattle Fashion Week Photos

Fashion Network Seattle


  1. May 24, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Thanks for the comments, and I agree with most of them 🙂
    You 2 are my guests to come to my studio in Fremont and see, touch and try on the pieces… I would love to hear your opinion.
    After June 3rd will be better, I’ll be part of the SAM REMIX that day, maybe see you there?

    • Bee
      May 25, 2011 at 5:33 am

      Oh wow! That would be wonderful! We would be honored to come see your designs in your studio. I’d love to see your clothes up close and touch the pieces. 🙂
      The SAM REMIX looks fun so I’ll be there! I’ll get my ticket when I get back. I leave the day after for trip, but after I get back would be a good time for us as well to visit with you.

      Thank you also, for being supportive. This was difficult for me to write. Well the parts about the production–looking at the photos seeing details and remembering the other pieces I loved was easy. I love what you do, what you create. I may not love all your pieces, but that’s all personal taste. I think designers have to just go for it and put themselves in with their work- and you do.

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