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Poll: When #FF Becomes “I choose everyone!” When do you say “Enough already!”?

June 24, 2011

Social media keeps us super connected with each other, making us feel more connected to like minded people and companies that we admire, respect or just need to stay in tune with to keep up with the world (or our industry). But social media also makes people take drop their guard, they become lax in the way they type, the personal conversations they choose to share publicly and their “let’s all get along” over-share filter.

When a company or an organization that is not an individual has a twitter or other social media account where do you draw the line between informational and annoying? To get to the point I’m talking about the use of #FF lists. Fab Friday, Follow Friday, Friday Faves or whatever else you may want that to stand for has in my opinion gotten out of hand!

I find it a complete turn off when anyone makes multiple posts listing #FF’s if it takes you 4, 9, or fashion gods forbid 16+ tweets to list all of your #FFs,

You’re doing it wrong!

It makes me want to call them out on it. Every. Single. Time. The last thing I want to see when I wake up is 30 tweets from one industry leader in fashion listing almost all of the people they follow as #FFs. I don’t care if you make different categories. #FFs are supposed to be the most interesting tweeters of that week. The crème de la crème of your feed. This is not some preschool game where everybody is a winner. If it don’t fit in one tweet, two at the most.. then you need to rethink who you really think were the best, funniest, most informative, entertaining or just your all-around favorite.

When this happens with “twitter personalities” I can unfollow and move on with my life (or just unfollow every Thursday). But when I want to stay informed, putting up with tweet spam overload from companies and organizations I need to follow is torture. But how do you call them out without offense when you may need them on your side in the future? I mean I know when 100+ people are mentioned (or even just 25) in a #FF you feel automatically less special.

What do you think?

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