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Olala! Recycling the non-recyclable.

May 19, 2011 Comments off

Last night I couldn’t sleep- and so email time it was. Scanning one of my many accounts- the one I call my “fun, shopping and junk account” I scrolled down and found something from It’s a website that helps you figure out what can be recycled, how & where in your area. Yes, they even have an app for that. I subscribed to their newsletter but they don’t send one every month so when I get them I like to see what they have to say.

If you’ve read my “Oh my Trash! Is that Recyclable? The Trash Fashion Show” review from last month you’ll know that I am the Princess or at least maid-in-waiting when it comes to recycling. But the question is, with all of the restrictions what do we do with the things that can’t be recycled? Besides just throwing them away-which is all we can do that doesn’t require collecting piles and piles of trash until the neighbors down the hall start to call me a packrat and the trash lady. Then hoping to find a way to repurpose that Icee wrapper into something “useful” by myself from the suffocating comfort of my own home. There must be another way.

Well it was my lucky day…

As I scrolled down my email I read this:

The links in that photo go to their youtube page. Oh yes, they have some amazing solutions.. and I don’t mean something strange or time consuming like turning ziplock bags into an umbrella. I’m going to go ahead and post two of my favorite Q&A. Read more…

Flaming Love Tutorial

May 4, 2011 4 comments

While looking around for inspiration, I ran across the picture below and instantly ran to get my camera and my makeup. [edit] The model featured here is Jangsara. Check out her makeup blog here.

I don’t know which products were used for the photo, but I have similar colors, and possibly, cheaper products than used on this model. Cheaper in my opinion is better, more-so when they are awesome quality!

So let’s get on with the tutorial!

Products used on my eyes:
Sugar Pill in Love+, Flame point,  and Poison Plum
UDPP in Eden
Inglot in #73 [gel liner] and #373[not pictured]
Fyrinnae‘s Pixie Epoxy
NYX‘s Eyeshadow Base in White
Clinique‘s High Impact Mascara

*!!Before we start make sure your face is clean and moisturized. I do not add foundation or powder to my face before I start looks, it is always done last. If you don’t like doing this yourself make sure you take precaution and add more loose powder under your eyes to catch fall out from your shadows! Nothing worse than having fall out mess up your foundation!!*

First I added UDPP in Eden all over my lid and smoothed out then added NYX’s eyeshadow base on top of that, less is more, with a very little amount of Pixie Epoxy. I waited a few minutes for the Pixie Epoxy to become tacky.

I then got a little of Flamepoint on a brush and packed in on my lid and above the crease,.
Read more…

Review on Inglot Cosmetics: My dirty obsession.

April 30, 2011 Comments off

What can I say about Inglot that hasn’t already been said a million times by other Makeup Guru’s or reviewers? Maybe nothing new, but at least a little more entertaining.

I’m a certified MAC-aholic. I have papers from my doctor proving it. Hell, I’m just plain addicted to makeup. At least it isn’t anything too nasty, like hookers and blow – right? And when I heard about Inglot, I was slightly curious. Yet, how can something be at the same quality as MAC without the hefty price tag?! Madness I tell you!

I peeked around online only to find (at the time) I had to drive to an Inglot store to buy it (they have an online store now go take a look! I found there were two store located in my city and made a trip. As soon as I saw the storefront, I think I passed out. I was in, or rather, at the doorway to Heaven. Makeup Heaven anyway.

Inglot store front. I swear I hear angels singing!

The store is clean, and modern, like its creators lab (the makeup was made by Wojtek Inglot a pharmaceutical company’s chemist!). And everything is testable. The entire stores stock is out for you to play with and swatch. One of the girls behind the counter let me know if I wanted she would give me brushes to play with if I wanted. Read more…

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Fashion, fashion, fash… ooo look shiny!

April 14, 2011 2 comments

What did I take away from the Fashion Feud Round 3 event after it was over and the beauty of it was gone? The knowledge that there is Crackle NAILPOLISH!


I found the ad in lucky, completely missed the nail polish the first time through. Pretty clever two for one advertising. It works for me.

Lacquer Nail Polish by O.P.I. that crackles! Ad from Lucky Mag

Lacquer Nail Polish by O.P.I. that crackles! 7 colors

I discovered (via second hand information) that the peel off and put on nail “paint” works well.

And that Tina Witherspoon was declared the winner, but if you were their you would know that too. Curious to know what I thought about their choices of garments and the construction that went into them? How about their pattern techniques? You’ll have to stay tuned and probably even flip the channel.

Until then I ned me some mermaid’s tears and maybe a dash of the silver shatter.


Airbrush Makeup: The polished look for all.

August 5, 2009 Comments off

Brushes and sponges will soon be history. Sephora has recently announced that Temptu will be offering their Airbrush Makeup System starting in September at over 100 Sephora stores. The flawless look found in glossy magazines, runway shows and on HDTV will now be available for all women. We’ve all watch the models getting dolled up in Project Runway by way of an airbrush gun. Temptu has created an easy at home version for the everyday woman to use.

While airbrush systems have been available for makeup artists to use for numerous years, the maintenance and cleaning of these systems is very labor intensive and not designed for non-professionals. The unit that Temptu has created is self containing with little maintenance and includes easy to pop in and out “pods”. The pods come in various shades of foundation, blush and highlights. Each pod lasting 1-2 months with regular application.

To help the public become familiar with using the airbrush technology, Sephora will be offering classes in their stores to educate consumers on how to use the pods. And a how-to DVD is included in every purchase. The Temptu Airbrush Makeup System retails for $225. Each pod comes separately and cost about the same price as traditional department store makeup, about $30-$55 per pod depending on the type. Both are available now online at or if you want to try before you buy, they hit stores in September.

Source: The Beauty Report, Friday July 31st 2009

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