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Ice Queens: A preview before the Fremont Solstice Parade

June 15, 2011 Comments off

Two of my favorite things in life are designing/creating costumes and putting on a big production. This time of year the Fremont Solstice Parade lets me do both.

The Ice Queens:

Amidst all of the fashion shows of April and May I was in preparations as a member of a team pre-production team for the Fremont Solstice Parade. Our group is the Ice Queens, this is my second year and our third year. As one of the returning members I was luckyto have the chance to take on the role of costume designer; my trade of choice. Along with a new member, I started designing, drafting and constructing the prototype. In the early weeks of May her and I would teach the classes that demonstrated how to construct the dresses to the Ice Queens.

Once the concepts were taught the Queens were off–artist, whether they knew it at the beginning or not, they’ve each created something so unique and beautiful-shocking even. I may not be 100% objective (since I drew the concept and co-created the prototype) but I think this will be our most impressive year yet. Each Queen has surpassed anything we could have imagined; it’s amazing the amount of traffic this store front gets with us in there.

The work and dedication to the creation and completion of our costumes for the parade is the main reason that I have been so absent these past weeks.

Now with the parade almost upon us, in keeping with traditions, on Thursday June 16th we will be holding a Preview Party at our workshop in Fremont. This year we have the largest number in our Ice Queen Ensemble. In our third year we continue to broaden our exposure and the positive responses received from the community. An exciting aspect of that is seeing the response from individuals walking by but also from media such as the  Reel Grrls who are doing a documentary on us and Kiro 7  who stopped in on Tuesday to film and interview us at our studio workshop.

The Preview Party:

It’s like having our own First Thursday– in the middle of the month. Creating dresses completely out of coffee filters, the party will have a white theme: with white wine, clear drinks & white colored food. In addition to mingling a few artists will probably be working on some of their pieces while others will be wearing them. Many, if not all the Ice Queens will have part of their dresses on– our skirts are much too big for everyone to wear–The ones not worn will be on display.

More information can be found at our Facebook Event page and in the invite below featuring my illustration and the lovely Ice Queen Jana’s artistic composition.

Pretty masks, the hard way.

March 21, 2011 2 comments

Creating a fun, mysterious and exotic mask should have been easy and painless with a store bought mask. There’s no need to get plaster bandages or tape. No waiting for it to dry to your face or (that of your best friend, spouse, child, neighbor). All you’d have to do was paint, wait, glue and decorate. But for some reason, nothing is ever, ever that easy in my life.

The plan was get two blank, pre-primed eye masks from Joann’s  for about $2 a piece, throw on some special effect layering bases, add some paint, feathers, lace, and sparkly stuff then let it dry. I sounded like a walking Pretty Pretty Princess cliché. I called ahead to make sure they carried them, which they did. But I forgot to specify what type of mask I wanted, and this is what they had in stock:


Full face mask ($4.99 regular price at Joanns)

Well, I guess I was going to be doing it the hard way. So two masks, some feathers, crackle primer, rhinestones and bridal lace later –I was out the door spending $27, using 3 coupons (2 40% off and 1 50% off). This was going to be a lot of altering, I want eye masks! Well here we go. Read more…

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