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Anna D at Seattle Fashion Week 2011: A beautiful collection with a less than perfect production.

May 24, 2011 2 comments

The opening number (in this case runway show) of a production has to be prepared to be the buffer for glitches and mistakes that happen due to technical errors, models forgetting their choreography and other unfortunate mistakes. But normally you don’t have to worry about that on the second night of a production. Unfortunately for the Anna’s debut collection at Seattle Fashion Week, though her garments, hair and makeup were lovely, all did not “appear” to go as planned. At least not from where I was sitting. And sadly the complaints regarding her lighting and models afterwards were far from meek or few. Read more…

Voss Rock Steals the Show at Seattle Fashion Week 2011

May 19, 2011 Comments off

Voss Rock was more than just the name of a clothing label at the Seattle Fashion Week Men’s Fashion Show it was a statement.


It was more of an exclamation: Loudly made on the runway and screamed from the general admission area. There were a lot of fans in the audience and for good reason, I quickly found out.

While I’ve been impressed by the construction of Voss Rock and appreciated their designs, I haven’t necessarily been a fan… until now. I will proudly say I want my own Voss Rock clothes; lots of pieces from this collection.

I love the armbands here from Voss Rock. I knew suspenders had been coming back in for a while here and there- but this is glam-edgy with the V peaking through at the top of the crisscross. It's just super sexy.

I also loved the hair accessories-check them out. Hair & makeup did a fantastic job completing the Voss look.

Read more…

Review on Inglot Cosmetics: My dirty obsession.

April 30, 2011 Comments off

What can I say about Inglot that hasn’t already been said a million times by other Makeup Guru’s or reviewers? Maybe nothing new, but at least a little more entertaining.

I’m a certified MAC-aholic. I have papers from my doctor proving it. Hell, I’m just plain addicted to makeup. At least it isn’t anything too nasty, like hookers and blow – right? And when I heard about Inglot, I was slightly curious. Yet, how can something be at the same quality as MAC without the hefty price tag?! Madness I tell you!

I peeked around online only to find (at the time) I had to drive to an Inglot store to buy it (they have an online store now go take a look! I found there were two store located in my city and made a trip. As soon as I saw the storefront, I think I passed out. I was in, or rather, at the doorway to Heaven. Makeup Heaven anyway.

Inglot store front. I swear I hear angels singing!

The store is clean, and modern, like its creators lab (the makeup was made by Wojtek Inglot a pharmaceutical company’s chemist!). And everything is testable. The entire stores stock is out for you to play with and swatch. One of the girls behind the counter let me know if I wanted she would give me brushes to play with if I wanted. Read more…

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Oh my Trash! Is that Recyclable? The Trash Fashion Show.

April 27, 2011 3 comments

If you’re from Seattle or another large city you know that you can recycle almost anything and that plastic is one of the major key recyclables that are accepted. From plastic forks to grocery bags from sour cream lids to berry containers; from plastic cups to bubble wrap. But, then you also know there are many things that can’t be recycled. Certain items just can’t be processed because they have no value, they end up contaminating or they’re too brittle.

Hosted for the 10th year running by the ReStore, the Trash Fashion Show appears to take on those items that would otherwise make their way to landfills. Showing in Bellingham this past weekend and at the New York Fashion Academy (NYFA) in Seattle the weekend before, the theme this year was Plastic Pollution.

My friends call me eco-crusader (this is very important for a later rant) and some not-so-flattering titles when it comes to , it’s okay, I take it in stride. It’s true; so of course, I couldn’t help but be excited to see what would be done when designers created garments from items that couldn’t be recycled, or at least that’s what I thought it meant by trash fashion. Read more…

When Students Compete: 3rd Annual Comcast Fashion Show

April 11, 2011 2 comments

Student fashion shows bring a mixture of different levels of style and standard to the runway. Be prepared to see at least a few designs attempting to push the limits only to come across as overworked, unpolished and costume-y. But along side those designs is the chance to find a visionary. And that’s the reason who’s who pay attention, or at least send someone to pay attention.

April 6th 2011, Club Sur, in the SoDo District, played host to the 3rd Annual Comcast Student Designer Competition part of the Seattle Fashion Week prelude. The competition was also sponsored by Gene Juarez (Psst, that link goes to their Spring 2011 style photo shoot page-it’s pretty cool). They happened to play a hand in judging the competition, well two hands actually… Is that a big deal? Should the sponsors judge? What do you think? On one hand they help make it possible, are very well versed in fashion & style, on the other hand they’re still a sponsor–though it’s very common for sponsors to judge events. After all  the winner will represent the sponsors and show their collection in Seattle’s Fashion Week main event and takes home $1000 to help start their own line (I swear those words have to be copyrighted).

Read more…

Revive Masquerade: Down the Rabbit Hole for a Good Cause

March 30, 2011 Comments off

On Saturday the 26th the chance to nibble a cake and sip a bottle led many enthusiastic party-goers into a world of creativity and fun with each act getting “curiouser and curiouser”.

Held in the private Lake Union Cafe, at the north end of Eastlake Ave: Revive: A Black & White Masquerade and Alice’s Wonderland was set up in a large room with two crescent moon seating areas, with a long runway and tables in the center.  To see some more amazing photos of  the Masquerade and preparation visit Jonathan P. Beck on Flickr. His slideshow perfectly captures the story and energy that was behind the force of Revive before the show began.

In the photo below you can see the seating laid out on levels, the walkways on the higher levels lent to the entire ballroom to be used as the stage for the fashion shows.


The view as you walked through the foyer, looking at the stage. Photo by Jonathan P. Beck.

Before you entered the main room you passed through the foyer. It was home to a beautiful display of raffle pieces and the silent auction items. Oh and as was pointed out, the bar, of course. Sponsorship through donated pieces, services and activities for both the raffle and the silent auction included jewelry, paintings, beautifully framed photographs, Off Broadway tickets, beauty consultations, dinner certificates, gym trainers, an extravagant mask, a fashion consult with the designer of Rene Ropas; Morgan Carson herself and so more that it’s hard to keep up with all of the *sparkly toys* that were on display. (If you were there you know what I mean, if  you weren’t, well where were you?!) Read more…

Etsy Jewelry Shop Review: Hot Chick Physics

March 7, 2011 Comments off

First I need to brag and show off my newest most amazing accessory:

Tied up in a bow- Hot Chick Physics Rose Ring.

As you can see from the photos, it’s a beautiful pink detailed ring on a bed of thorns. I was relieved when I went to put it on and found that it was adjustable–I could try it out on my middle finger and put it to the ultimate test. Would it look good on the finger where nothing in the stores ever looks good?

A pink rose & thorns ring from Hot Chick Physics rests on painted dress.

You see, I have a very hard, no, make that an IMPOSSIBLE time finding rings that I like for my middle or index fingers. It just doesn’t happen. But I put it on and it looked!! The first ring ever to just fit and be there without looking awkward or out of place. I actually haven’t taken it off except to sleep and shower.

A close up side view of the ring's detail.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about or where I’m going: well let me introduce you to a local jewelery and hair accessory designer that works with resin, miniature items beads and everyday objects to create fun, entertaining and conversational pieces.

As I reported earlier, on Thursday (March 3rd 2011) I attended RAW:Seattle where a very select few local artists displayed their art throughout the evening. One artist was Hot Chick Physics a jewelry hair accessories collection sold on, created and designed by Tonjia Atomi. Read more…

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