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Anna D at Seattle Fashion Week 2011: A beautiful collection with a less than perfect production.

May 24, 2011 2 comments

The opening number (in this case runway show) of a production has to be prepared to be the buffer for glitches and mistakes that happen due to technical errors, models forgetting their choreography and other unfortunate mistakes. But normally you don’t have to worry about that on the second night of a production. Unfortunately for the Anna’s debut collection at Seattle Fashion Week, though her garments, hair and makeup were lovely, all did not “appear” to go as planned. At least not from where I was sitting. And sadly the complaints regarding her lighting and models afterwards were far from meek or few. Read more…

Voss Rock Steals the Show at Seattle Fashion Week 2011

May 19, 2011 Comments off

Voss Rock was more than just the name of a clothing label at the Seattle Fashion Week Men’s Fashion Show it was a statement.


It was more of an exclamation: Loudly made on the runway and screamed from the general admission area. There were a lot of fans in the audience and for good reason, I quickly found out.

While I’ve been impressed by the construction of Voss Rock and appreciated their designs, I haven’t necessarily been a fan… until now. I will proudly say I want my own Voss Rock clothes; lots of pieces from this collection.

I love the armbands here from Voss Rock. I knew suspenders had been coming back in for a while here and there- but this is glam-edgy with the V peaking through at the top of the crisscross. It's just super sexy.

I also loved the hair accessories-check them out. Hair & makeup did a fantastic job completing the Voss look.

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Recapture the Night: SFW Press Reception & Industry Party

May 13, 2011 1 comment

One of the fun and not so fashion centric things about Seattle Fashion Week this year is there seems to be a lot of parties. Though I don’t hear anyone complaining specifically about the fact that there are parties. They’re a great way to relax in between shows and events and better yet get to know other people in the industry and people who just enjoy or have a passion for fashion. Or parties.

So with the help of photographer Jonathan P. Beck, I thought we could relive the evening in style. Through images forever caught in the moment. If you see your photo or recognize someone else and I haven’t tagged it, leave me a comment and I’ll update it.

If you use any of the photos please give credit to Jonathan Beck, you can find links to his sites and more information at the bottom of the page. Click here to jump there now.

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Seattle Fashion Week Launch Party: When details change. Does it matter?

May 12, 2011 1 comment

On the official opening night of Seattle Fashion Week, I attended the Launch Party held at Trinity.  The most alluring and intriguing aspect of the description for the evening was also what created the only frustration:

Showcase Seattle designers, displaying custom designs within the event in an interactive, non-runway format throughout the night.

That sounds sweet right? I mean, I envisioned one of two things: either pedestals where models stood with labels describing the designer and the garment or models strategically placed throughout the venue on the floor who rotated spots every X minutes. But instead of an interactive showcase seen throughout the night, for over half the night the ladies’ room was turned into a greenroom; completely overcrowded with male and female models and of course hair and makeup artists. They, of course, were getting ready for the mini-fashion show that took place instead, but if you consider the public attending paid a $10 cover to get in and about $8 for a basic call drink; being able to freshen up without squeezing by 20 people shouldn’t be a requirement. Read more…

Seattle Fashion Week New Partnership Gives Mental Health a Boost.

May 9, 2011 Comments off

Mental Health and Fashion.
What do they have to do with each other? Over the decades studies have taken place to determine different correlations and/or causalities between creativity and mental disorders. While history shows us that many famous artists suffered from some form of mental disorder, we can look to the fashion designers of the last few decades and see this as well. And without treatment we know one of the terrible outcomes associated with mental disorders. Suffering through a mental illness without any direction or help can make you feel like you’re drowning. While they say tortured souls can create, but they also need compassion, love, help, support and at times treatment. Those things are vital, but they take finances and when it comes to non-profits such as Seattle Children’s Home that means donations.

Seattle Children's Home board at Saturday's Seattle Fashion Week Trunk Show

Seattle Fashion Week recently announced that they would do just that by choosing to partnered with Seattle Children’s Home.  Started in 1884, SCH is a non-profit that helps children and teens facing mental health issues offering both outpatient and inpatient services including consultations, therapy, behavioral support, medication management and other specially targeted programs. From quick phone counseling to in-patient treatment, SCH are helping address illnesses that is too often overlooked, ignored or looked down upon in our society. Read more…

High Collars and Details Galore: Becky Sullivan is this month’s designer to watch.

August 8, 2009 Comments off
Becky Sulivan Fall 2009

Becky Sulivan Fall 2009 Collection

What is it like winning two fashion design contests in one summer? “It was an amazing feeling,” according to Becky Sullivan. She won the Fall 2009 Seattle Fashion Week Comcast Student Design Contest and the 2009 “Best Everyday Collection” award in Seattle Magazine’s Seamless in Seattle Contest. For the first competition, designers created two outfits, one inspired by Comcast. “I went all out with my Comcast outfit and had computer mice on the skirt, buttons from the remote on the blouse and phone wire on the blouse,” said Sullivan.

Part of her awards included showing her fall collection at the Seattle Fashion Week Show and a limited collection in the Thaw Fashion Show. She is also a featured designer in the September 2009 edition of Seattle Magazine. Read more…

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