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Bee is a quirky, bubbly, outgoing and often eccentric personality- emotionally moved by the simplest and most abstract things, she will stop and stare at a piece of art in mid-sentence. And is often caught jumping topics faster than most people can keep up with. A Seattle native, she has witnessed the fashion trends evolve over the years, especially the more alternative trends. Wanting to get involved and bring an outside, the Manic b

She always tries to tell it like it is when it comes to fashion and art. Bee says one of the most regrettable aspects of the artistic community is the impulse to tell artists that their work is good, inspiring or captivating… when it isn’t. “By withholding the truth, an artist cannot grow– Criticism”, she says, “though it can be painful for ‘little Billy’, is necessary for us as artists to hear. When someone tells me that I lack something or I’ve overworked a drawing or held back on a critique during a review I’m grateful- that means they were interested enough to say something.”

Bee attends the Academy of Art University, earning a BFA in fashion [emphasis in costume] design. With an English degree and fashion journalism under her belt she seeks to bring her edgy attitude and stylistic behaviors to her readers. Always insisting that no matter what you must

bee unique, be unforgettable, b always a work in progress.

Manic Designs Contributors

Bat is a guest beauty makeup author. Fabulous with the how-tos, she is at home with all things batty and beautifully morbid. Completely obsessed with makeup she spends her time either creating new designs. She also enjoys getting her hands messy creating jewelry with filo, painting, and creating works of art. This has included incorporating naturally deceased creatures in her work.

She is an old school goth girl who loves the spooky, macabre, cupcakes, pink and glitter. She plays with so much makeup she says,  “I swear I will bleed mascara when I die”. She adore bats and feeling a kinship to them has over 25 of them tattooed on her body.

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