Poll: When #FF Becomes “I choose everyone!” When do you say “Enough already!”?

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Social media keeps us super connected with each other, making us feel more connected to like minded people and companies that we admire, respect or just need to stay in tune with to keep up with the world (or our industry). But social media also makes people take drop their guard, they become lax in the way they type, the personal conversations they choose to share publicly and their “let’s all get along” over-share filter.

When a company or an organization that is not an individual has a twitter or other social media account where do you draw the line between informational and annoying? To get to the point I’m talking about the use of #FF lists. Fab Friday, Follow Friday, Friday Faves or whatever else you may want that to stand for has in my opinion gotten out of hand!

I find it a complete turn off when anyone makes multiple posts listing #FF’s if it takes you 4, 9, or fashion gods forbid 16+ tweets to list all of your #FFs,

You’re doing it wrong!

It makes me want to call them out on it. Every. Single. Time. The last thing I want to see when I wake up is 30 tweets from one industry leader in fashion listing almost all of the people they follow as #FFs. I don’t care if you make different categories. #FFs are supposed to be the most interesting tweeters of that week. The crème de la crème of your feed. This is not some preschool game where everybody is a winner. If it don’t fit in one tweet, two at the most.. then you need to rethink who you really think were the best, funniest, most informative, entertaining or just your all-around favorite. Read more…

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Ice Queens: A preview before the Fremont Solstice Parade

June 15, 2011 Comments off

Two of my favorite things in life are designing/creating costumes and putting on a big production. This time of year the Fremont Solstice Parade lets me do both.

The Ice Queens:

Amidst all of the fashion shows of April and May I was in preparations as a member of a team pre-production team for the Fremont Solstice Parade. Our group is the Ice Queens, this is my second year and our third year. As one of the returning members I was luckyto have the chance to take on the role of costume designer; my trade of choice. Along with a new member, I started designing, drafting and constructing the prototype. In the early weeks of May her and I would teach the classes that demonstrated how to construct the dresses to the Ice Queens.

Once the concepts were taught the Queens were off–artist, whether they knew it at the beginning or not, they’ve each created something so unique and beautiful-shocking even. I may not be 100% objective (since I drew the concept and co-created the prototype) but I think this will be our most impressive year yet. Each Queen has surpassed anything we could have imagined; it’s amazing the amount of traffic this store front gets with us in there.

The work and dedication to the creation and completion of our costumes for the parade is the main reason that I have been so absent these past weeks.

Now with the parade almost upon us, in keeping with traditions, on Thursday June 16th we will be holding a Preview Party at our workshop in Fremont. This year we have the largest number in our Ice Queen Ensemble. In our third year we continue to broaden our exposure and the positive responses received from the community. An exciting aspect of that is seeing the response from individuals walking by but also from media such as the  Reel Grrls who are doing a documentary on us and Kiro 7  who stopped in on Tuesday to film and interview us at our studio workshop.

The Preview Party:

It’s like having our own First Thursday– in the middle of the month. Creating dresses completely out of coffee filters, the party will have a white theme: with white wine, clear drinks & white colored food. In addition to mingling a few artists will probably be working on some of their pieces while others will be wearing them. Many, if not all the Ice Queens will have part of their dresses on– our skirts are much too big for everyone to wear–The ones not worn will be on display.

More information can be found at our Facebook Event page and in the invite below featuring my illustration and the lovely Ice Queen Jana’s artistic composition.

Enter Vogue’s “Art of the Surreal” contest for a trip to Spring 2012’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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Vogue magazine is hosting a contest to send one lucky winner and a guest to see the Spring 2012 collections of students from my school, the Academy of Art University (AAU) during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in September. It will be held at the Lincoln Center (Formally held at Bryant Park). AAU is the only school that shows at Mercedes Benz in New York City or at any major fashion week for that matter. This will be our 13th biannual (I think) runway show during New York fashion week. It’s pretty exciting and draws some great names–as a VIP you’d be right in the action and get to be backstage! I usually sit and wait for the live stream to happen, but sign me up for the contest-I’d rather be there in person! Read more…

Make it or Miss it? Actually it’s really a “Make it or Miss out?” kind of weekend. Part 1.

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So we have some killer events going on this weekend in Seattle. Of course Seattle has NO idea how to plan things so they don’t overlap and thus we have to rush from one event to the other or completely pick and choose. Luckily this weekend isn’t soo bad. I just don’t get it sometimes. I mean Hello! There are weekends that are completely dull that could be utilized- but no, organizers just don’t plan ahead and don’t see what else is going on. Or perhaps they think their event is so fantastic that it is worth competing. Whatever the case may be at least this weekend there’s only one or three events that you are going to miss. At least you’ll be able to attend a couple events I think are worthwhile- and honestly that should be all that’s really important. 😉 Read more…

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Urban Outfitters Copies Etsy Designer or Do Great Minds Think Alike?

May 26, 2011 2 comments

A tweet from fellow blogger Melissa at http://newseattle-lite.blogspot.com brought my attention to a case of “Let me steal your artistic ideas because I can make it just like you- only cheaper and faster.”

A blog post: “Not Cool Urban Outfitters, Not Cool” by Stevie from IMakeShinyThings.com explains how her World of Love necklace line sold at her Etsy store, Tru.che were copied by Urban Outfitters. They even took the title she uses in the listings “I heart [state or country]” and have called the necklaces “I Heart Destination Necklaces”.

Below are screen shots of two pieces and the webpages where those piece are listed. Both the one shown on the Urban Outfitters website and the one on Tru.che are of New York state.

These types of things get me fired up on first impulse. Copying, stealing and plagiarizing for personal or profitable gain just irks me. It’s not create a similar item or something that was inspired by Stevie’s necklaces but they created and sold almost an exact duplicate. Trends often produce similar items, markets get saturated, shit happens but it’s counterfeit and knockoff land that creates lookalikes… and big design houses that can afford it go after people and companies that do it but what do small designers do?

Of course.. after a few minutes the numbers and methodical fashion side of my brain kicks in….

And I have to relate it to the trickle down or trickle up effect that happens in the fashion industry. It’s harsh that it’s small, designer that  is the inspiration or target of the knockoff , but it’s also flattering.

For the consumer it comes down to the same question we face when looking at ready-to-wear verse fast fashion, mass market clothing, etc.: “Do you want the original for $55 or a knock-off for $19?”

Anna D at Seattle Fashion Week 2011: A beautiful collection with a less than perfect production.

May 24, 2011 2 comments

The opening number (in this case runway show) of a production has to be prepared to be the buffer for glitches and mistakes that happen due to technical errors, models forgetting their choreography and other unfortunate mistakes. But normally you don’t have to worry about that on the second night of a production. Unfortunately for the Anna’s debut collection at Seattle Fashion Week, though her garments, hair and makeup were lovely, all did not “appear” to go as planned. At least not from where I was sitting. And sadly the complaints regarding her lighting and models afterwards were far from meek or few. Read more…

Explore and come Face to Face with “Walking Contradictions” in Tonight’s Fashion Show

May 20, 2011 Comments off

Seattle Pacific University is hosting a fashion show tonight. The show, called Walking Contradictions, starts at 6pm. Presented by the SPU Fashion Group, the fashion show will take on contradictions found all around us such as dark vs light, old vs new, rich vs poor, and soft vs hard. While each designer interprets these designs through their own personal styles and means an overall theme focusing on the contradictions involving body image will course through the room as the models walk down the runway.

Read more…

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